Upholstery Cleaning in County Durham

 We care for your fabrics as well as your carpets.

Upholstery fabrics are of a more complex construction than carpets. Many fabrics are made up of several types of fibre woven together. Some of these fibres are very sensitive to moisture and inappropriate treatment can damage them permanently. Mistakes cleaning upholstery, such as pile distortion, colour bleeding, shrinkage or twisting can happen quickly and irreversibly. We are members of The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association, the only nationally recognised trade association dedicated to the professional cleaning of carpets and soft furnishings, who train and certify all our operatives. You can rest assured that all our work is to the highest standard and conforms to The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association code of practice.

Our 7 Stage Upholstery Cleaning Process.

When we arrive at your property the technician will thoroughly inspect your upholstery and conduct fibre tests to identify the fabric type and construction. When this is complete the cleaning process can begin.

  1. Upholstery dry vacuumed to removed loose soils
  2. A detergent free solution is carefully applied and stains treated
  3.  Micro pore  cloth and natural fibre brush agitation is used to coat the fabric with a foam or solution
  4. Sufficient dwell time is given for the cleaning action to take place and the cleaning agent removed by towelling or the use of a low moisture hand tool
  5. All areas will be towel dried and hand finished to re-set the pile
  6. High powered air moving equipment will be used throughout to minimise the time moisture is left on the fabric
  7. Optional stain and soil protection can be applied at customers request