Spot, stain and spillage removal service.

Our spot and stain removal service utilises over 17 different release agents to target specific problems from small wine spills to large vomit and blood contaminations, leaving a hygienic and clean carpet.

Customers frequently ask "Could I use one of the stain removers seen on the TV?" Our answer is, yes, you could try and use one of the propriety stain removers but most either don't work or exacerbate the problem causing permanent colour change or fibre damage. Some supermarket stain removers try to bleach the stain from the carpet which can leave a lighter patch and a still visible residue of the stain which can be permanent. The only way to remove stains is to employ targeted reagents to suspend the original source of the stain allowing it to be removed in suspension from the fibres. Also, rubbing the carpet to apply these treatments will produce permanent carpet fibre damage which can look even worse than the stain. We use appropriate application equipment and techniques to ensure this damage does not happen. That's why we recommend you call us as soon after the stain is noticed or the accident happens and allow us to target the stain with exactly the right solution for the job. We always respond quickly to stain removals and will usually be with you the same or next day, as the earlier we get there the better chance the of a complete elimination. Remember,  we can usually remove the stain without cleaning the whole carpet. You can rest assured that all our work is to the highest standard and conforms to the National Carpet Cleaners Association code of practice.

"There's a nasty smell as well as the stain. Can you get rid of that?"

Yes we can, many stains come with a nasty smell e.g. vomit and urine (see our 'Blog Page' for more info on urine problems), so we firstly remove the stain and then treat the source of the odour which on most occasions can be eliminated. The longer the contaminant is in contact with the carpet the harder it will be to remove the smell so contact us quickly and we will firstly give some emergency advice and then be with you as soon as possible.

Our 7 Stage Spot and Stain Removal Process.

When they arrive at your property the technician will discuss with you how the stain occurred and any actions you have taken since. Then they will thoroughly inspect your carpet and conduct some simple tests to identify the fibres type and structure. When this is complete the stain removal can begin.

  1. Area will be dry vacuumed to remove loose soiling
  2. A detergent free spotting solution is chosen and carefully applied to the stain
  3. Blotting or tamping action will be used to activate the spotting solution
  4. Targeted light heat or steam may be used to accelerate the solutions action
  5. Suspended solids are rinse extracted using hot water - steam cleaning
  6. Further blotting or light heat may be used to reduce the drying time
  7. Optional stain and soil protection can be applied at customers request

In an emergency the National Carpet Cleaners Association have some advice on stain removal. Click here to read.