How can you assure yourself that the carpet cleaner you hire is up to the job?

Unqualified cleaners using unsuitable or outdated equipment are out there doing a poor job and leaving customers with damp, smelly and unhealthy carpets. You need to ensure you don't hire one of those.

Firstly, ask any potential carpet cleaner if they are a member of one of the two national accreditation bodies and if they say yes check it on the associations web site. This will at least tell you they are both serious about their job and have been assessed as competent to clean carpets and upholstery with the correct equipment. Beware of those that say, for example 'trained by' yet are not members of an association. Members not only have to be trained by the association but also have to pass a formal exam and have their work assessed as competent.

Secondly ask them if they have 'treatment risk' insurance cover. This ensures that in the rare event that something goes wrong you as the customer do not bear the cost of replacement. Every professional cleaning company will have this cover and will be able to show you the written cover document. If they don't have it go somewhere else.