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Pile Reversal, what is it?

Posted by Ken on Sunday, September 29, 2013,
Recently I have seen a lot of carpets with pile reversal. Some very noticeable and some quite minor. Unfortunately nothing can reverse the effect permanently, although brushing or vacuuming can have a temporary improvement.

Here is a link to a short article which outlines the effect. Click here.

I have noticed that pile reversal can be more evident where cables are hidden under a carpet or where people turn sharply at doorways.
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Special Offer Prices

Posted by Kenneth Leeder on Sunday, September 29, 2013,
Our special offer prices during September has resulted in a huge demand for our cleaning services. Some customers could not be scheduled in during September and rather than disappoint anyone the offer has been extended to the end of October. So, get your booking in early now.

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