Info:Pet urine damage with discolouration and odour.

December 14, 2014
Pet urine damage with discolouration and odour to wool carpets and rugs.
Urine stains go from an acid stain when fresh, to an alkaline stain when dry. The alkalinity causes the the chemical bond of most dyes in wool carpets to change and the fibres suffer colour loss or darkening depending upon the urine strength and volume. In wool this is usually irreversible once the urine is dry, removal in the wet state is more successful.
Urine odour is caused by the bacteria present in the urine and can strengthen as it dries. As cat urine is more concentrated than dog urine it usually has a higher bacteria level and odour. Odour removal from carpets may require the replacement of the underlay and treatment of sub-floor area. In rugs it will have concentrated in the backing and may only improve through full immersion cleaning.

Pet urine damage with discolouration and odour to synthetic fibre carpets and rugs.
Again, urine stains go from an acid stain when fresh, to an alkaline stain when dry. Unlike wool carpets the carpet fibres may darken depending upon the urine strength and volume but as it cannot be absorbed by most synthetic fibres successful removal is quite high.
Urine odour in synthetic carpets is similar to wool and will require the same process for removal.

Christmas tree disasters.

November 22, 2014
A few things to watch out for:
  • Don't let the trunk of a 'real' Christmas tree touch the carpet as you risk staining from the sap which can drop from the cut base.
  • Be careful filling water containers which feed the tree as spills can accumulate and damage the carpet and underlay.
  • Beware of sharp edges on metal tree supports as these can cut or damage carpets. Put something under to spread the load.

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Countdown to Christmas

November 22, 2014
It comes around each year and every year people are dissapointed if they cannot get their carpets and upholstery cleaned for Christmas.

There are still opportunities to get the time and date you want but things are hotting up now so make a move and give us a ring or email.

We will be working up to the 24th December then back on the 29th till 31st December.

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Find us on Google+

June 1, 2014
Long time since last post, been very busy cleaning your carpets and upholstery.

Spent some time getting to grips with Google+ .

If you want to see the results go to:

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Happy New Year

January 1, 2014
I hope all past and future customers have a happy and prosperous new year in 2014.

For us 2013 was a good year. It started off slowly but June onwards was very busy right up to Christmas.

Bookings for January 2014 are building up but still plenty of capacity left.
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Booking appointments before Christmas

November 20, 2013
It's getting very busy running up to Christmas so best to book as early as possible to get the date and time you want. I'm getting calls from customers who need their carpets and upholstery cleaned but not able to get the appointment date they need. I hate to disappoint people but it happens at busy times of the year. There are still plenty dates available in December so ring now and book that appointment.
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NEW: Our Online Shop

October 6, 2013
We now have an online shop where you can buy some of the tools and problem solvers we use.

These include the EZMoves furniture movers, we wouldn't be without them and Sanitaire for safely dealing with vomit, urine faeces, blood and food/drink spills.

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Pile Reversal, what is it?

September 29, 2013
Recently I have seen a lot of carpets with pile reversal. Some very noticeable and some quite minor. Unfortunately nothing can reverse the effect permanently, although brushing or vacuuming can have a temporary improvement.

Here is a link to a short article which outlines the effect. Click here.

I have noticed that pile reversal can be more evident where cables are hidden under a carpet or where people turn sharply at doorways.
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Special Offer Prices

September 29, 2013
Our special offer prices during September has resulted in a huge demand for our cleaning services. Some customers could not be scheduled in during September and rather than disappoint anyone the offer has been extended to the end of October. So, get your booking in early now.

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Regular vacuuming prolongs carpet life

August 23, 2013
Your carpets need to be vacuumed regularly. Frequent vacuuming will prolong the life of your carpets by preventing the build up of grit that destroys the carpet fibers. Once a week give your carpets an extra bit of TLC and use the crevice tool to vacuum the edges and around static furniture and radiators. Remember to take your time when vacuuming. Allow the vacuum time for the brushes to do their work.
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